A simple project management software does not give a clear picture to the management about the state of the projects going on at multiple locations.Simple task completions and timelines fail to make one confident about the quality and safety standards followed at various sites.Pictures and Maps are worth a thousand words and hence we used them to solve these issues by creating a GIS based Project Planning and Management (PROGIS).

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Product Costing

Companies face several issues managing their Product Costing due to several variable parameters such as BOM, RM Cost, Labor Cost, Process Cost etc. Simple Excel sheets cannot solve these issues. We have created this product to solve these and many other issues faced daily by the companies. We provide several features such as BI, simulations, BOM analysis and diff etc.

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We love being able to order just about anything online: food, groceries, drinks, etc. The only thing we couldn't order was laundry. That's why we created Brinkmat. It allows users to search for local laundromats, find specials, place an order, schedule pickup and delivery, and pay online.

Brinkmat Mobile

We wanted Brinkmat to have a mobile presence so we could capitalize on the smartphone trend. We trimmed some content from the original site, while adding cool mobile features, like the ability to find laundromats around your current location and text message notifications.